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Outsource Sydney Officially Rebrand to Outsource Australia

After a spell of impressive growth and the opening of new offices across the country, direct sales and marketing firm Outsource Sydney has announced that it will soon be rebranding to Outsource Australia.

The new name follows a period of significant growth for the business. Originally established in Sydney the firm have helped a huge range of businesses across New South Wales increase their brand awareness and improve consumer relationships. Their personalized face to face marketing services have been in high demand from the Telecommunications, Energy, Health & Beauty and Charity sectors, which has allowed the firm to grow substantially over the last year. Due to the firm’s ever growing list of clients, the firm has recently opened a branch in Melbourne with further plans in place to expand throughout Australia.  To reflect the firm’s expansion and mark a new chapter for the business, the firm have announced their decision to rebrand the business to ‘Outsource Australia’.  The rebrand includes a completely new visual identity which will be rolled out over the next 2-4 weeks.

The firm were adamant not to rush the rebrand and worked hard to create a new brand identity that would accurately reflect the firms’ overall message and values. As Outsource Australia, the firm are keen to be recognized as a ‘home grown’ outsourcing agency that can be utilized across Australia. To convey their proud Australian roots, the firm have chosen to incorporate the Australian colours, green and gold, into their newly designed logo.  Green and gold are the iconic colours of Australia’s national sporting teams and are widely recognized as a reflection of Australian culture; blending the gold of the countries beautiful sandy beaches with the green of its meadowlands and countryside.  Outsource Australia felt that the decision to include these colours in their rebrand was an important step in building a reputation as an authentic Australian business both nationally and internationally.

Owner and Managing Director of Outsource Australia Helen Poutakidis, is an Australian-born entrepreneur and is thrilled to have the opportunity to increase the firms’ market reach. After running a business in the UK for over seven years, Helen Poutakidis decided that Australia offered so much potential and was crying out for affordable and effective direct marketing solutions. After moving back to Australia and establishing Outsource Sydney, Helen Poutakidis was overwhelmed with the positive response the firm was gaining from clients, and is optimistic that the rebrand will help the business further their growth and attract new exciting clients from across Australia.



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